Mon, Nov 13 2023 10:23 AM

on 28th of Rabi ul Thani, Acting General President of Afghan Red Crescent, Mr. Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis, visited the returnees camp crossed Pakistan near Torkham border : First of all he met the governor of Nangarhar Haji Mullah Muhammad Naeem Akhund and discussed the problems of returned refugees & ways of solutions. Mr. Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis also visited various sections of ARCS Health Center in the Camp and had necessary recommendations to the health workers and authorities . While talking to media, he said:"We are trying our best to provide necessary services to the refugees who have returned from neighboring countries as well as medical services and to provide them necessary first aid." He said, "In addition to Nangarhar team, we have brought medical teams from Nuristan, Kunar and Laghman provinces to Torkham; we will increase the number of medical teams if required ; our assistance is not limited to health, but currently we distribute warm food, clean drinking water and 5 types of non-food essential items for families in temporary camps in others provinces too. Mr. Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis said, "After these emergency aid, we will be providing important and necessary assistance to the needy refugees in their hometown after returning to their areas, because many charities foundation are helping the refugees in temporary camps, but After leaving to their hometown , their access will remain limited ". He said,"We are trying to contribute to livelihood projects to needy refugees so they can be self-sufficient." Speaking to the volunteers of ARCS,Mr. Matiul Haq Khalis said,"It is ARCS volunteers duty to heal the wounds of the refugees, because the one who related to ARCS should always have the spirit of serving the nation, because the foundation of Afghan Red Crescent is based on helping the wounded,flood-affected and vulnerable people".



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Acting General President of Afghan Red Crescent, held an introductory meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey,in his office in Kabul!

Acting General President of Afghan Red Crescent, Mr. Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis, held an introductory meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey, Junk Onal, in his office in Kabul. In the. . .

Wed, Nov 15 2023 9:07 AM
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For Turkish language Fans!

For Turkish language Fans! We welcome you to read ARCS disseminations in Turkish language. We are happy that from now on, ARCS will disseminate for Turkish brothers and Turkish language. . .

Tue, Nov 14 2023 1:27 PM
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Afghan Red Crescent has established free health centers for citizens who cannot afford treatment in private hospitals. which provides health services in various fields to the needy,. . .