Health Service Department

The Afghan Red Crescent Society health services department is working to improve health by providing health services to vulnerable people and thereby reducing human suffering and distress.


Fixed Health Clinics Project:

The Afghan Red Crescent Society has established 47 fixed clinics in the provinces that operate in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Public Health. Thousands of needy people takes advantage of this services in these centers and received free medical treatment.


Emergency Public Health Project:

Mobile health clinics

Mobile health teams are one of the most important section of this society want to provide services for disaster victims, displaced Persons and provides health services to those people who living in remote areas and has no access to hospitals. Provides health services.


HIV-AIDS Prevention Project:

The HIV-AIDS Prevention Program under the motto of (Prevention) creates education programs in the community for safe living. These activities include prevention of the disease, identification of symptoms and ways of transmission.


Hospital Project:

The Health Services Department of this society has set up a well-equipped 70-bed hospital in Kabul with state-of-the-art medical equipment and a hospital for the treatment of drug addicts in Parwan province. Hundreds of citizens are treated in these centers on a daily basis.


Congenital heart disease:

Tens of thousands of patients have been registered with the Afghan Red Crescent Society department of Health Services since the beginning of the process of treating children with congenital heart problems, and so far in hospitals inside and outside the country. Thousands of children have been treated and recovered. The cost of treatment for each sick child ranges from 2500 to 3000 US$ dollars, funded by the Afghan Red Crescent Society, the Chines Red Cross Society, Afghan pilgrims "Hajes" and the Indian Embassy in Kabul.


The CBHFA Program (Community First Aid):

One of the fundamental branches of the national society is the provision of first aid at the community level. The first aid program operates in 34 provinces of the country, trained 2500 volunteers these volunteers now providing health services over all the country.